A Fulfilling And Successful Career With Nido – Celebrating 30 Years!

A Fulfilling And Successful Career With Nido – Celebrating 30 Years!

Nido is proud to be hire the best in the sector, and in return, ensures everyone has an incredibly fulfilling work experience and supported to reach their full potential.

To see someone in the same role and still succeeding is now a rarity, given that the average person changes jobs twelve times during their career. This is not the case for Carolyn Whitton, our People and Quality Leader from South Australia, who is today celebrating her 30th year with Nido! Carolyn joined a small private provider back in 1993, who offered her an opportunity and she took

the leap. Over the years, she has seen that small private service be brought out by some of the biggest providers, until 2014, when Mathew Edwards purchased a group of services which included the one she led. Carolyn was our first Area Manager in the South and is now a key leader in the Nido team.

Carolyn’s 30 years’ experience have been instrumental in driving quality improvements across the services. Her impact has seen our Early Schools flourish, and Nido is very much looking forward the continuation of her coaching and support across our wider network for many years to come! Here at Nido, we bring learning to life for our people too. We ensure all our people enhance their

learning and professional development, to both enrich the learning experiences for our children and also, actively encourage people to become future leaders at Nido.

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