Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy applies to Nido Education Limited A.C.N 650 967 703 (“Company”, “we”, “us” or “our”) and explains how we manage personal information. We safeguard your privacy and the confidentiality of personal information collected by us including information provided to us by third parties and are bound by the Australian Privacy Principles which are set out in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (“the Act”).

The Company is committed to the protection of personal information in accordance with the privacy law in the provision of its child care services through the child care centres it operates and manages.

This Privacy Policy explains how we collect, hold, use, disclose, secure and otherwise manage the personal information we collect, including personal information of individuals who use our services. It describes the types of information we collect and hold and why, how to access and correct the information, and how to make a privacy complaint.


The sources we collect personal information from include but are not limited to individuals who use our services, retailers, vendors, business partners and prospective employees.

Personal information is any information or an opinion about you, or which could reasonably be used to identify you. Personal information we may collect includes:

  • your name, address, date of birth and contact details;
  • information relating to children enrolled in our centres and their families, including information about health, education and financial information, for example information relating to funding support from the government;
  • enrolment history and details of attendance, services used and any information relating to attendance at our centres or use of our services;
  • information collected by us when you apply to enrol your child at our centres; and
  • if you apply to work for us, details of your past employment, qualifications, residency status and proof of identity.


In most cases we will collect personal information directly from you, unless it is unreasonable or impracticable to do so. If circumstances require, we may collect personal information about you from third parties (such as your employer, representatives or personal referees) or publicly-available sources.

We receive personal information that you provide to us about third parties on the understanding that we have the relevant individual’s consent for us to collect and handle their personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

We will obtain your consent to collect sensitive information, such as information about your health unless we are required or permitted by law to collect it without your consent.

When dealing with the Company you may be:

  • enrolled at one of our child care centres or a parent of a child enrolled at one of our centres, or who is applying to enrol your child;
  • a former user of our child care centres, or a client or customer of a business partner of ours, (including an
    externally owned child care centre managed by us);
  • a participant in any promotion run by us, or who has provided information in connection with an inquiry about us or our business, or in connection with a marketing initiative we conduct;
  • a supplier, employee, or other person required to undertake accreditation or achieve any clearance or
    approval in order to deal with us or be involved in any way with our business; or
  • an applicant for employment, either directly or through our recruitment services provider.

Where relevant, a reference to our child care centres includes a reference to externally-owned child care centres
managed by us.


If you choose not to provide personal information we request, we may not be able to provide you with child care services, process your application or allow you to participate in training, recruitment programmes, marketing initiatives or information campaigns.


We may collect your personal information if you use any online services we provide (including providing your payment information such as credit card or bank account details); complete our documents or forms, including in relation to an enrolment application; speak to one of our contact centres; participate in an information or marketing initiative; deal with any of our business partners, or if you apply to work with us.

Your personal information may be recorded in our computer systems, databases and/ or paper records. We may utilise our agents and third-party suppliers for data storage services.

We take reasonable steps to hold any personal information you provide to us securely and to protect your personal information from misuse, interference, and loss as well as unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. We use service providers and secure online payment facilities to allow you to pay us by credit card. We take steps to ensure your details cannot be accessed through the internet after your payment has been processed.

However, the Company cannot and does not guarantee that personal information we hold will be protected against unauthorised access or misuse, and you agree that the Company will not be liable for any such unauthorised access or misuse.

Generally, we will take reasonable steps to destroy or permanently de-identify your personal information as soon as it is no longer required by us. We may retain your personal information where we are required or permitted by law to do so, such as for insurance, legal or corporate governance purposes and for the prevention of fraud. Your personal information may also be retained in our back-up records.


The Company operates the website There are a number of ways in which we collect information through our website.

  • Analytics: We use Google Analytics (hosted by a third party) to collect data about your interaction with our website. The sole purpose of collecting your data in this way is to improve your experience when using our site. The types of data we collect with these tools include: your device’s IP address, device screen size, device type, operating system and browser information, geographic location, referring domain and out link if applicable, search terms and pages visited and date and time when website pages were accessed. More information about Google Analytics is available at the website:
  • Cookies: Cookies are small data files stored locally on computers or devices by at the request of websites for record-keeping purposes and to enhance functionality on the website. We do not use cookies to specifically track identified users of our website.
  • Email lists, registrations, and feedback: We will collect information that you provide to us when signing up to mailing lists and registering for our events, or when submitting feedback on your experience with our website.
  • To collect voluntary feedback on your experience with our website.


You may request to deal with us anonymously or by using a pseudonym. There are limited circumstances where you may be able to deal with us anonymously or by using a pseudonym. Examples include where you are seeking only general information about our products or services or are looking only for indicative pricing. In most other cases it will not be practicable for us to deal with you anonymously for example we require accurate personal information in order to commence or complete an enrolment application.


We only collect personal information where it is reasonably necessary for one or more of our functions or activities, such as administering and managing our business, supplying our services, assessing your eligibility for funding support or other benefits, or assessing your suitability to work with us.


We will generally only use or disclose your personal information for the purpose for which we collected it, or for related purposes that we consider would be within your reasonable expectations, including so that we can provide our services to you, or provide you with information, provide you with online services or information, or allow you to use our recruitment facilities. We will request your consent for any other purpose we consider you would not reasonably expect (unless we are required or permitted by law to do so without seeking consent)


We, or our authorised agent, may disclose your personal information to:

  • any person authorised by you;
  • a mail house, records management company or technology services provider (for example, for the purposes of printing and/or delivery of mail and email, or secure storage and management of our records);
  • service providers engaged by the Company from time to time in connection with the provision of our services or the health and care of children enrolled at the child care centres we manage (including, but not limited to, health service providers, insurers and government authorities, service providers that host our website servers or manage our Information Technology infrastructure and our human resources information);
  • an organisation that provides you with banking facilities (for the purpose of arranging direct debit or other payment transactions or confirming payments made by you to us);
  • persons employed by or who have an interest in externally owned child care centres managed by us; and
  • any company who conducts surveys on our behalf for the purpose of improving or providing our services.

Personal information about you may also be collected from the above people or organisations.


In some instances, suppliers and service providers that we disclose your personal information to may be located overseas


We use social networking services such as Facebook to communicate with the public about the Company and the work we do. When you communicate with us using these services, we may collect your personal information. The social networking service may also handle your personal information for its own purposes. These services have their own privacy policies, and we recommend that you review the policies of these other platforms as available on their websites.


If a data breach or suspected data breach occurs, we will undertake a prompt investigation, which will include an assessment of whether the incident is likely to result in serious harm to any individuals. In such a situation we will comply with the requirements of the Act, which may require notification to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) and affected individuals. Please contact us if you have reason to believe or suspect that a data breach may have occurred, so that we can investigate and, if necessary, undertake appropriate containment, risk mitigation and notification activities as required.


Our aim is to always have accurate, complete, up-to-date and relevant personal information.

When you receive enrolment or re-enrolment notices, general correspondence, or if we otherwise communicate with you, please check that the information we hold about you is correct.

You may request access to personal information that we hold about you at any time and request us to correct any errors in that information. This request must be in writing and delivered to the Company. We will endeavour to respond to your request within 30 days of receiving your request.

Prior to granting access to or amending your information, we may ask that you verify your identity.

If we are satisfied that any personal information, we hold about you is inaccurate, out-of-date, incomplete, irrelevant or misleading, we will amend our records accordingly.

If we do not grant you access to your information or we do not correct your information, we will notify you in writing setting out the reasons why we did not action your request. If we do amend your personal information, you may request us to advise any other third parties whom we have disclosed your information to. Generally, no restrictions or charges will apply.


If you wish to make a complaint about how we have handled your personal information you should make that complaint in writing. If you require any assistance, you may contact us.

If we receive a complaint from you about how we have handled your personal information, we will determine if any action should be taken to resolve the complaint. If we decide that a complaint should be investigated further, the complaint will usually be handled by a more senior employee of the Company.

We will endeavour to respond to your complaint within 30 days of receiving your complaint. If you are not satisfied with our response you may ask for a review by a more senior officer of the Company, or you may make a complaint to the OAIC.


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