The Nido Way

Nido’s guiding principles showcase the heart of Nido and how it seeks to treat every individual as competent and capable across the organisation. Nido believes its success is driven through the success of others and only through everyone succeeding will Nido truly succeed. These Guiding Principles unite Nido across communities, cultures and the different locations of each Centre. They serve as a guide that every employee can base taking action on, and when making decisions, both big and small.

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Our people are competent and capable

Our people are competent and capable; we do it with them and never for them or to them.

The way you treat an individual will reflect in how they see themselves and treat others.

When we treat a person as “competent and capable”, we actively create an environment that encourages and supports people to empower themselves.

We encourage and support our people to have agency.

Agency is recognising and supporting people’s right to make choices and decisions to initiate their own development, role execution and the freedom to rise.

We actively seek the opportunity to be led, only ever taking the lead when the need exists.

We invite questions, and answer in a way that re-enforces people are capable and competent of solving the problem with the appropriate amount of input.

We are not afraid for our people to not succeed or make mistakes.

We support people to rise and grow. We focus on what is the minimum that we can do for them to ensure success or near success.

I am Nido, I am being Nido

Our success is through the success of others, and only through us all succeeding do I truly succeed.

We advocate for ourselves, for each other, for children, families, and community.

The standard we walk past is the standard we accept. No matter who, in what role and how uncomfortable we may feel in raising the issue we absolutely must. If you allow it you teach it.

We always strive to do those one percenters because we know the little things do matter.

We expect to be needed, we expect to need others, we expect to make a difference.

We hold ourselves and each other accountable in an honest and respectful way.

We are focused on the best ideas, and these may not always be the most popular ideas.

We face problems head-on, we own the decisions made, we never say “I told you so”, we all own the result.

We don’t accept that just because it has always been done that way that it should be done that way, we look to find a better way.

It is ok to take it personally because you care, but we are always emotionally respectful and professional.

We do it with them and never for them or to them.

We know we aren’t perfect, but we strive to improve.