A Life-Changing Journey: Rediscovering Purpose in Early Education

A Life-Changing Journey: Rediscovering Purpose in Early Education

Sarah Asbury, a grandmother from Greenwood, was approaching the age of 60 when life suddenly offered up a rare opportunity for her to positively change the world.

The pivotal moment took place after a relocation in 2021, when her youngest grandson enrolled at Nido Early School Greenwood. Captivated by the vibrant atmosphere and the imaginative creations of the children, she began to admire the relentless dedication of the educators, whose enthusiasm left a lasting impression after each visit.

When Nido Greenwood sought family members to read their favourite story during book week, Sarah’s passion for reading led her to seize the opportunity.

I chose ‘The Go Away Bird’ by Julia Donaldson and spent 20 minutes with an enthralled audience. That was it, I turned to the lead educator and asked if she thought I could do this on a more permanent basis and without any hesitation she replied, “you would be brilliant, do it” says Sarah.

Enrolling into Insight Training, a registered training organisation a week later, she was confronted with initial misconception that she was already equipped with the knowledge. She had to become open to learning, and soon she was embracing philosophies and policies and studying late into the night. Nido Early School Greenwood accommodated Sarah with her volunteer hours and their support was always given to help with her quandaries and questions.

Dedicating herself to the coursework, she completed the qualification in just 20 weeks. An offer from Nido Greenwood marked the beginning of Sarah’s journey into the heart of early education, where she could contribute to the continuous happiness, wellbeing, and development of the children.

Sarah expresses that she has “Never felt more productive, and I am proud to be part of the Nido philosophy and their commitment to ongoing education of children and educators”.

Individuals like Sarah play a crucial role in our communities, bringing warmth and inspiration through their unwavering dedication to others. Her heartwarming story exemplifies the power of seizing opportunities later in life and showcases the profound impact one person can have on the lives of many.

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